“Without peers to celebrate, cry, share stories with, empathize, and laugh with, life quickly becomes meaningless.” – Emily Wolinsky, one of the reluctant “Jerry’s Kids” from telethons past.

Fun Tattoos

Some people show their disability pride with fun tattoos. They like the idea of wearing something they love permanently, it’s bold and inspiring. And it proves they survived an experience not everyone can handle. Nothing generic and easy here…

Putting art on their body sets it apart even further from others. Their disability is permanent, why not the art?
Would you be bold enough to sport these tattoos?


Durable Medical Goods Donations

medical equipmentPlease call an office near you to make donations of durable medical items you no longer use or see if we have something you may need!

James Pickard in Moscow at 208-88-0523

Valerie Johnson in Idaho Falls at 208-529-8610

Todd Wilder in Boise 208-336-3335