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“All the commercials on TV today are for antidepressants, for Prozac or Paxil. And they get you right away. ‘Are you sad? Do you get stressed, do you have anxiety?’ Yes! I have all those things! I’m alive!” ~ Ellen DeGeneres


From left, instructor Molly Fisher of The Second City, Gabriel Parsi, Franncesca Strawser-Miller, Archer Hoffman, Michael Sagrati and Joey Butcher participate in an improv class for young people with autism. (Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune/TNS)

Improv Classes Help with Communication 

Trying improv comedy for the first time could be daunting for anyone, but Second City has been offering these classes for teens who are on the Autism spectrum and their progress is incredible. It offers an opportunity to practice communication sills, talking to people, looking them in the eye, and listening and relating to others.

Improv for Autism launched in 2013 and is one of several “wellness” classes for people with autism and also with anxiety, senior citizens, and people with Parkinson’s disease. Studies show that the effects of improv on the brain goes beyond entertainment and could open a door to a new area of mental health treatment.
And who doesn’t want to laugh more?

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