A Diagnosis is Not Always Good 

A diagnosis can be a relief when it gives a word or name to a persons experience. But it can be oppressive when it is used as a tool for dismissal of pain, or self-definition, and of life. People with disabilities are not looking to be cured, fixed or rehabilitated today. They just want the tools and opportunities that others have to succeed with what they’ve got. We have to be on the alert that the diagnosis does not define us. That we are seen as people first, and not as patients. Check out the photography project “What I be Project”


What would you do?

You are a parent of a child with a developmental disability. They are an okay student academically, but have some trouble with their behavior in class. The school decides to hold a meeting with you to discuss some strategies on how to get the student to feel more comfortable in school. The problem is, whenever they request a meeting you are notified at the last minute. It is difficult to get away from work and you feel unprepared.
——What would you do?

Durable Medical Goods Exchange

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