“Experience is the hardest kind of teacher because she gives you the test first, and the lesson afterward.” – Oscar Wilde





Jon Atkins, 19, above, who has Down syndrome, stands with other competitors before taking the stage during The Body Sculpting Open Championships. (Bill Tiernan/The Virginian-Pilot/TNS)

At 19 Jon finds he’s pretty good at bodybuilding, even though Down syndrome typically causes low muscle tone. When asked if he likes the sport, Jon gives a quiet yes but is quickly on his feet, striking pose after strongman pose. Recently he competed in The Body Sculpting Open, an all natural competition with no drug use in Hampton, Virginia. Oiled up and spray tanned, he was hanging out backstage with 40 guys so ripped they could qualify as small mountain ranges.
He competed with his trainer down in front hitting the poses so Jon could mimic him – just in case he got confused. But it wasn’t necessary. When his turn came he took a deep breath, strolled into the spotlights and gave the judges every pose they asked for. The crowd roared during his one-minute routine. Jon took second place, losing to a body builder with cerebral palsy that had 3 shows under his belt.





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