Timely Tidbits

Quotes to make you think!

“The way my brain processes information is quite odd. I mean, I have Attention Deficit Disorder and another learning disability I can’t even spell. I don’t even have a high school diploma. I’m smart, but you can’t prove it on paper.”
~ Ron White, Comedian


Boys with CP playing Tiny Tim on Broadway

For nearly two centuries Tiny Tim has been seen simply as the poor boy on crutches. But these two actors with Cerebral Palsy see something different. “He’s really like me. Very happy, very hopeful. But he has a disability,” said Jai Srinivasan.
“Being in the show is so much fun. I just want kids who think they can’t do it, to know that they can. Believe in yourself, “ said Sebastian Ortiz. The boys believe they can deliver something other actors can’t – authenticity. This is a character from the past redefined for the present.

Durable Medical Goods Exchange

Please call an office near you to make donations of durable medical items you no longer use or see if there is something you may need! Explain your needs and our trained staff may know the perfect item that will help you!
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