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“Disabled people need more invested in their education, housing, job training, transportation, assistive technology, and independent-living facilities. Governments earn back this investment – and more – by making people with disabilities economically productive citizens.” ~ Jesse Ventura    


Turnover film features actors with disabilities

A disgruntled cafe manager hires a crew of misfits to run the owners business into the ground, but instead they save his life. The film Turnover is a story about accepting others for who they are and not trying to mold them into someone else. This theme runs through the relationship of Peter and his new employees, between he and his wife, Fran, and also between he and Henry, his manager. You will appreciate the representation of multiple disabilities in this film and voices we don’t usually see in stories. Some have Down Syndrome, others were nearly deaf or blind, played by actors who had those disabilities. Available on Netflix. 


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