Quotes to make you think!

“Your body is not unlovable or undesirable…our physical makeup is only a small part to our encompassing beauty; the personality, talents, skills, and emotional, caring aspects you possess are worthy of being loved.”
~ Vilissa Thompson, disability advocate


Kiera Allen Stars in Hulu’s New Thriller

The first major thriller to star a real wheelchair user in over 70 years! “I’m a person,” Allen said. “Disability is part of my identity, but it’s just a part. I’m many other things. And that’s what I saw in the character of Chloe as well, whose identity as disabled is central to the movie, but it’s not the whole movie.”
Acting is her passion and the movie RUN is different from other stories about wheelchair users. “It’s a psychological thriller about a teenage girl, played by me, who begins to suspect that her mother may have a dark secret,”  Allen said. She is proud to take on the role because it humanizes someone with a disability – which is unfortunately not too common in Hollywood. The film debuted on November 20th and is already their most watched feature film ever.

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