Timely Tidbits!

Quotes to make you think!

“Inclusion is not a program. Inclusion is a mindset. It is the way we treat others and the way they treat us. Inclusion is the opportunity to learn together and from one another.”
~ Lisa Friedman, reporter NYT


Big News!

Oscar winner Marlee Matlin has joined the team to Executive Produce “Feeling Through” – one of the first films to feature a deaf-blind actor in a leading role. The story of a teen in New York that develops a friendship with a deaf-blind man had first time actor Robert Tarango who is deaf-blind play the lead. The film is screened accompanied by “The Feeling Through Experience,” which includes as many as 50 interpreters and support staff to provide one-on-one accessibility for moviegoers of any level of vision and/or hearing loss.
Jack Jason, Marlee’s longtime interpreter and producing partner has also joined the team alongside Oscar winner Andrew Carlberg as Executive Producer. Matlin is, to date, the only deaf performer to have won an Academy Award. The film will screen online as part of Slamdance Film Festival in February.

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