Timely Tidbits

Quotes to make you think!

“We get questions in our head and little voices that put us down when we were kids, so get over that. That’s all I’ve had to do.”
~ Anthony Hopkins, diagnosed in 2017 with Asperger’s Syndrome.


Creating the Dreamiest Oscars Suit!

If picking out an outfit for a Friday night out can cause panic, imagine the pressure to find the perfect Oscars look. Judy Heumann, whose film Crip Camp was nominated for Best Documentary Feature, didn’t worry. Celeb-favorite and First Lady approved designer Markarian custom created a stunning champagne suit fit for the occasion, complete with a sequined, beaded jacket that deserves a closer look. They worked together to come up with a winning look.
It was a quick turnaround, and in little over a week they had an outfit. Pants instead of a gown, as Judy uses a wheelchair. She wanted to not worry about having to pull this way or that. No buttons or zippers, only elastic or drawstrings. The champagne silk was paired with a jacket of Swarovski crystals and beaded trim. They completed the look with a pair of earrings made in collaboration with Ciner NY. It’s a look that represents her strength and power.

Durable Medical Goods Exchange

We are not accepting any durable medical goods at this time since it’s difficult to clean them, but we are distributing them. Explain your needs and our trained staff may know the perfect item that will help you!
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