We hold a voice.
We have a unique identity.
We are a human being.

We are not dumb.
We are not stupid.
We are not illiterate.

We hold jobs.
We have high grades.
We have families.

We raise children.
We created new opportunities.
We make change.

We need support.
We need services.
We need help.

We are not a label.
We are not an object.
We are not an excuse.

We are a tribe.
We are a family.
We are not who you think we are.

You blame us.
You hurt us.
You do not listen to us.

You are not willing to help us.
You are not willing to understand us.
You are not willing to help us create change.

All we want is to be heard.
And supported,

We create change together.
Not apart…