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Disability Action Center NW

"No Shame, No Fear"

The Motto of the Disability Rights Movement in Regards to Stigma, Stereotypes and Labels

So, to all my Brothers and Sisters of the Human Race who have some kind of disability; whether that be physical, mental health issue and/or a learning disability, I ask you this: Aren’t you tired of people continuing to consider us as second class citizens? Aren’t you tired of people giving us those words of pity, or condescending and patronizing statements that continue to make us look like we are not worth very much? Aren’t you tired of the nonsense coming from candidates that just want to end all the services, all the assistance and all the programs that at least give some support and some modicum of choice to people with disabilities?

The stigmas and stereotypes and the labels that come with having a disability are some of the main reasons that we continue to have the problems we do when it comes to becoming valued citizens in a society that is far too afraid of people who are different.

Until all of us start to speak out and start reminding society and our government that
people with disabilities are not only equal human beings, they also want to be treated as such. They want to have choice, have options and make their own decisions. They may need assistance, they may need a personal care attendant or a just want to stay in their own home community so they can be an active member of that community, or they may simply need an accommodation to help them be independent.

If you want to get the things you need, if you want equality, if you want choice and independence, then you need to speak up and speak out. All of us together will be the catalyst of that change and so to make that change it must begin with having No Fear and No Shame about being a person with a disability. No Fear and No Shame is exactly what it sounds like: Not ashamed to have a disability and not afraid of being able to talk about it.

All of us are role models when we are out in the day to day living we do. We need to show society that we are responsible, active and valuable people. We need to have No Fear and No Shame.

Want to know more? Want to have No Shame and No Fear. Give us at DACNW a call, or contact your local Center for Independent Living.