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Disability Action Center NW

As a person who is a CAB (or currently able bodied) I know I don’t always see things from the same perspective as a person with a disability. One thing I do understand is that everyone, if they live long enough will develop a disability. And when compared to the alternative – I’ll take it!

Aging will bring on some sort of disability. What I see mostly is that the elderly don’t label themselves as disabled. They think it’s just old age – something to live with. But I’m here to tell you there are a lot of solutions!

From assistive technology to support groups, there are ways to stay connected, get the help you need, and ways to stay as independent as you can for as long as you can. A CIL can offer detailed help in that regard, so be sure you contact the one in your community!


“Politics are black and white. But in reality, we are grey. We mesh. We just don’t realize it because we are so focused on splitting.” ~ Franely Rodriquez, participant in the American Exchange Project as seen on CBS Sunday Morning