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Disability Action Center NW


This door opener is designed to turn a door knob and help make pulling the door open easier from a distance that is clear of the door’s swing path. Wheelchair users will find this door opening aid is easy to use. The non- slip hook is placed underneath the door knob, letting it freely rest. The user then holds the cushion grip and simply turns the handle to open the door knob. The other end has a special tool designed for unlocking deadbolts and twist locks.

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The cup has a patent pending rotating handle with 2 ball bearings that enable the cup to be self-leveling using gravity. This unique design allows the user to hold the handle in many stable and comfortable positions. The lid fits securely inside the rim and has a drink and straw hole. The recessed lid helps to reduce spills and liquid flow, and keeps drinks hot longer. This adapted drinking cup with lid and swivel handle is microwave and dishwasher safe.

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