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I have just returned from a trip to the Netherlands. I can’t help but look and see how accessible a trip like that might be for someone who uses a chair. I was pleasantly surprised! although some of the oldest buildings are not accessible due to narrow stairs, a curb type entry and such, for the most part everything was accessible. Because the entire country is geared for bicycles, they have a complete network of paved bike trails – and these have the rightaway over cars in most intersections. They are smooth and kept in good repair.

Because so many rely on public transit, these trains and trams are also accessible with drop down ramps and roomy cars. But the biggest thing I noticed was how many people with disabilities used electric scooters. These can get you from town to town on the bike trails and are quite zippy. The paver style sidewalks and patios can be a bit bumpy for a manual chair. But all in all, an accessible vacation!



“We all have our unique contributions we can make,” he says. “Instead of being limited based on what we cannot do, we need to be given the access to show what we can.” ~ Dr. Feranmi Okanlami, doctor and public speaker (shown disliking Tesla, because the car is not accessible)