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Disability Action Center NW

People with disabilities are an important part of the American economic environment. Unlike the workforce of the past, employers today understand the value that people with disabilities bring to the workforce. Here are some tips:

Write an Inclusive Job Description: Before you start your job description, make sure that your website supports visually and hearing impaired potential employees and is written so that those with intellectual and developmental disabilities can understand the role. Offer a PDF version of the description, too, since PDFs are the most accessible file type. Here is a free conversion tool to help with your search. Just drop in the file you want converted and let the tool work its magic! Then, add accessibility features to ensure everyone has access to the information.

Offer Remote Work: Many people with disabilities will appreciate the opportunity to work remotely. This can help them by allowing timing flexibility. Great jobs for remote workers include answering phone calls, social media marketing, and entering data. Consider job-sharing, as it may benefit several employees to work only part-time.

Offer Transportation Assistance: One of the many reasons that people with disabilities have a higher rate of unemployment than everyone else is that they often do not drive. Offer transit benefits to your employees, which Mobility Lab asserts is both affordable and can improve employee satisfaction.

Find an Organization that Supports People with Disabilities: No matter where you’re located, there is likely an organization that provides job training for people with disabilities. They may also offer job placement services, so enquire about being added to their job postings. Vocational Rehabilitation is available in all states.
Hire people with disabilities! People with disabilities produce high-quality work. Further, these workers often have unique skill sets, tend to stay in positions longer, and contribute to a robust workforce. Having an inclusive workforce benefits your employees, your community, and your bottom line. Remember, if you’re ever not sure about the best benefits to offer your employees with disabilities, ask them what they need and want from their jobs!