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Disability Action Center NW


Accessible recreation is relatively new. For too many years and even today when asking if something is accessible in outdoor recreation the answer is “Why would someone in a wheelchair want to do _______________?” We are working to change that! As more and more places realize the value of being accessible to someone with vision, mobility, or any other disability, AND their families, BluePath is a way to market that experience to people with disabilities.

Some recent changes have been going on with BluePath to include a systematic way of evaluating accessibility of trails and other things. We understand that weather, tree fall, and other events can change the accessibility of a trail at any moment. But for the spaces and places that are doing their best to accommodate people with disabilities, listing on BluePath is a great way to let people know.

We have also changed how the mapping works, since many trailheads don’t really have an address. It’s easy, the address fields will accept establishment names, and then the address will come up and a Google pin will drop on the map for visitorsto find the location easily.

Check out the latest edition, Roman Nose Lakes, with an accessible restroom and board walk out to the lake. Do you know an accessible outdoor recreation location? Get it loaded and become a Pathfinder today!