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Disability Action Center NW


Planning an accessible trip to Joseph Oregon? BluePath makes it easy. Just put in your destination and a list of accessible destinations comes up. Like a visit to The Blythe Cricket.

They have done a fabulous job making their parking lot accessible. A paved van accessible space is just around the side of the building with easy access to the walkway.

The restaurant space is open with areas to pull up to a table. Staff is friendly and ready to help with the menu and more. The service counter is accessible and has a low shelf filled with games and puzzles to help pass a lovely afternoon. There is an upstairs that would not be accessible.

The restrooms are cheery and accessible too.

A great place to stop on your journey for breakfast, lunch, coffee and teas, and more. They even have beer and wine! And they have a large display of retro pyrex ware!
Life is short! Use the good china.