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Disability Action Center NW

What it’s like to set up IL goals at DAC

William is a consumer that was referred to DAC NW from Mental Health Court for some skills training. During our peer to peer chats with an Independent Living Advocate, he recognized that his life was missing peer connection. We discussed some options and came up with a creative solution to try. William began volunteering regularly at the Idaho Food Bank, twice a week. He learned to be more comfortable in social situations, and how to reach out and ask for help when needed.The encouragement and support he received from DAC in reaching his goals made a big difference, we even helped him find a healthy way to get out of his apartment.

The peer to peer counseling help him learn to identify his warning signs (when his voices get louder, it’s time to call the Dr., etc.) and we created a safety plan together that is on his refrigerator at home, and he knows it’s safe to use it if he needs to. Through our countless conversations advocacy efforts, and collaborative problem-solving, William has taken control of his life again. The MHC treatment team, DHW, ad DAC have empowered William to believe in his own potential and see beyond his disabilities and struggles. When coming for his last office meeting with us, William had cut his hair. This had been part of our discussions, but cutting his hair terrified him (any change did) but he found it was safe and well received!

William’s success story is an example for any person with a disability that faces adversity. Learning to advocate for your unique needs as an individual is important. Our job at DAC is to empower others to embrace their potential, to think outside the box to find solutions (sometimes not too obvious) for what is holding them back from living the independent life they want to. If you have a disability and would like help removing a barrier to your independence, give DAC NW a call and make an appointment with one of our Independent Living Advocates. You do have someone in your corner! 

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