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Disability Action Center NW

Meet LILAC for the Blind Event

DAC NW knows there are all kinds of assistive technology for people who have visual impairments. Devices and programs that can help you read everything from mail, books, to the newspaper. But the biggest barrier may be for people who are elderly and struggle to figure out how to use these devices.

Lilac for the Blind will be at Neill Public Library on January 11th at 1:00 to demonstrate these assistive and adaptive devices. People will get a chance to try them out and see if they might work for them.

If you find out one of these devices will work for you, it doesn’t end there. DAC NW offers one on one coaching to help you get a device that can work for you, and teach you how to use it. Even if that takes more than one time to master!

Things like books on tape, cd or downloaded from the internet. Or magnifying devices, lighted and more, for newspapers and magazines. Or even pens and devices that read your mail out loud. What ever the barrier is for you, DAC will do their best to find a solution so that you can continue to enjoy reading and live independently with success.

And don’t forget around the house. We can help with textured paint on kitchen devices like microwave buttons or the water level on your coffee pot. Anything that you may have noticed is hard to see lately, we can find a solution.

Check out the demonstrations: Lilac for the Blind Event

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