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Operation Advocacy- Our care can’t wait!

By Jen Grushdale

For the second year in a row, LINC is bringing together folks with disabilities from across Idaho to talk with their legislators about issues important to them. From the direct care worker shortage to a lack of accessible transportation, Idahoans with disabilities have a lot to talk about. This event brings opportunity for all to come to the table and share with those that are making statewide policies into law.

Effective storytelling places you at the forefront of legislators’ minds when it comes to decision making and voting. Sharing our experiences brings insight to build stronger communities and makes life better for all Idahoans. As we strategically work together and build our advocacy network, more opportunities will come while we unite and make stronger connections with our lawmakers.

During day one of Operation Advocacy, we will present a training around interactive storytelling and how it can be used to create awareness of an issue. This training will include opportunities to rehearse our stories too!

We will also be presenting about the importance of voting as well as how Fred Riggers Disability Awareness Day began. Our friends at the Our Care Can’t Wait Coalition (OCCW) will talk with us about the Medicaid budget and the Office of Performance Evaluation (OPE) recommendations around the direct care worker shortage. Day one will wrap-up with tours of the State Capitol building and logistics for day two.

On day two, everyone will meet up at the Idaho State Capitol building. Many folks will have made appointments to talk with their legislators. We will be on hand for the activities surrounding Fred Riggers Disability Awareness Day. It’s a chance for us to show that there aren’t just one or two of us; we’re here in every community across Idaho.

There will be experienced advocates there before and after your meetings to debrief and decide on next steps.

Operation Advocacy is designed for the beginner in mind, but we welcome experienced folks as well. This event has been designed to be a two-day event so people feel prepared to participate in our law-making process. If you have concerns about getting to Boise or need help finding a place to stay while you’re here, our Independent Living Specialists can work with you on a plan to make that happen.

Registration is open now! To find out more and to register for this event, please see our website at Once you’re registered, our staff will check in with you prior to the event to ensure you have a productive experience.

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