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Most of Idaho’s single family housing is not accessible or visitable for people with disabilities. Visitability involves the design of a single family or owner occupied home to accommodate individuals who have difficulty with steps or use wheelchairs or walkers.

The three requirements for visitability are:

  • One zero-step entrance
  • Doors with 32″ of passage space on the first floor
  • One bathroom on the main floor that can be entered in a wheelchair.

Some surprising statistics? Only 54% of homes have a step free entryway. Only 52% have single level living. And only 74% have a bedroom on the first floor. A bit more, about 79%, have a full bathroom on the first floor.

Visitability is now a growing trend in the United States. When someone builds a home, they are not just building for themselves. That home is likely to be around for 100 years. To build it to be accessible costs little to nothing more than original building costs, and they can help a lot of people.

Who benefits? Everyone! The young mother with a baby stroller who doesn’t have to lift it up and down stairs. The UPS driver who leaves large packages by your front door. Grandma who wants to visit the grandkids and be able to use the bathroom when she visits. The college kid who is moving out all his belongings.

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