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Starbucks is making changes to ensure that its stores are more inclusive and accessible to employees and customers with disabilities in a move that’s intended to serve as a model for other retailers. This means following ADA best practices and beyond. The guidelines detail a store design framework to help “expand independence, choice and ease for all people across physical and digital spaces.”

All newly built and renovated company-operated stores (not those inside grocery stores) will include better acoustics for the hearing impaired, better lighting for the visually impaired, and a visual status board of the drinks for the hearing impaired. Counters will be lowered for those who use wheelchairs. And store layouts will enhance the path of travel. The equipment in the store will also be accessible for employees with disabilities. The first new store has opened in Union Market in Washington, D.C.

Starbucks officials said they worked with customers, employees and accessibility experts to develop the “Inclusive Spaces Framework”. The guidelines will be open sourced and continue to evolve to further expand accessibility in the retail sector, they said. They want to serve as a model for other retailers.

For other retailers interested in making their business more accessible, you can find resources here.



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