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Disability Action Center NW

If you have an Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), adaptive sports and recreation may be key to your lifelong wellness. These activities may also help you to engage with your community. Many options are available:

Even if you have never taken part in sports before, you can find an adaptive activity that is right for you!

An SCI does not have to keep you from being active. Adaptive sports and recreation are good for your health. Without such activity, you may be at higher risk for physical and mental health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, and depression. You may also feel left out if you do not engage in enjoyable activities. Others may assume that you cannot be active just because of your injury.

Adaptive sports and recreation can help you get past these challenges. Every state has a parks and recreation association. Some focus on adaptive outdoor recreation. Examples include fishing, hunting, water skiing, or canoeing/kayaking. Public schools must offer physical education and school-based sports to every student. Contact your local school district to find out about adaptive sports programs. Many colleges and universities have adaptive sports programs. Examples include wheelchair basketball or track and field. Scholarships may be available to top athletes. Advocates are trying to get the National Collegiate Athletic Association (or NCAA) to sanction adaptive sports.



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