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Disability Action Center NW

Did you know that many employees with disabilities are skilled problem solvers by virtue of having to manage a disability daily in a world that wasn’t designed for them? Hiring a person with a disability can be a great addition to your team.

According to JAN (Job Accommodation Network) most employers reported no cost or low cost for accommodation employees with disabilities. For those with a one time cost, the average was around $300!

Benefits of accommodation includes employee retention and productivity, increased attendance, improved overall safety and morale, and improved interactions between employees.

What do those accommodations look like? Besides simple things like standing desks, better computer mouse, it can be as simple as accommodating long-Covid by offering more frequent, shorter breaks so the employee can rest. Or a one time cost of providing an ASL interpreter so a deaf employee can attend a training. This is a good investment when compared to hiring and training someone new. An accommodation could include purchasing dictation equipment and screen reading software for someone visually impaired or having eyestrain and headaches from looking at a computer screen for report writing, etc. Or purchase a one handed keyboard for an employee having trouble with the use of one hand. It maybe as simple as allowing an employee to bring their service animal to work. You can have a trial period to figure out the best solution. Try a four day work week for employees for a trial period of a year and see if production stays high. The key is to work together to brainstorm solutions. JAN can help you find something that works for you.



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