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Washington legislators have passed HB 1541, the “Nothing About Us Without Us” Act. This is a huge win for inclusivity and representation for marginalized communities. The bill was driven by a diverse coalition of organizations and community members across Washington State.

Long held as a fundamental principle for people with disabilities, it holds that the people living the experience should be directly involved in the making of policies that impact them.

The Nothing About Us without Us Act requires that any statutory entity, like task forces, workgroups, or commissions – established to address an issue directly impacting an underrepresented population include at least three individuals with direct lived experience. Imagine if city planners had to have people with mobility issues involved in the planning of accessing city sidewalks, etc. The idea for the bill came about when self-advocates were excluded from a workgroup formed to create recommendations on services for people with developmental disabilities.

Advocates believe this bill will set a precedent for other states and jurisdiction to follow, and will bring about a more inclusive and equitable approach to government. In addition, funding has been set asisde to identify any barriers to participation, whether physical or otherwise. And they will develop a tool kit on best practices for supporting the meaningful engagement of people with lived experience.

“By prioritizing people with direct lived experience at the table, we increase the likelihood of getting things right the first time,” said Sunshine Cheng from Disability Rights Washington (DRW) and long term champion of the bill. You can read more at Disability Rights Washington.



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