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The need for caring and skilled nurses is higher than ever. For people with disabilities, getting into nursing might seem like a tough road with a lot of unknowns. Luckily, it isn’t just doable, people with different abilities can find the career extremely fulfilling. Plenty of opportunities and resources exist for those who want to make a mark in healthcare, no matter the challenges they might face.

Contrary to common misconceptions, people with disabilities are not hindered but rather equipped with a special strength – adaptability. The challenges of navigating daily life with obstacles foster innovation and flexibility: qualities that shine in nursing.

Once someone has decided on a career in nursing, finding the nursing school and program that is the best fit is a crucial next step. Applicants with disabilities must consider what accommodations they might need to excel on this journey.

To set themselves up for success, they can look for programs and schools with an inclusive culture, an accessible campus, and a history of accommodating students with a diverse range of disabilities.

Some programs may unintentionally create barriers for students by confusing “essential functions of nursing work” with the academic standards required to graduate successfully. More programs are updating their curricula to be more inclusive and attract diverse student cohorts.

Review program requirements carefully, and contact program administrators to discuss which skills are essential and which can be modified.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) safeguards the rights of students and workers with disabilities.

Schools cannot discriminate against students with disabilities who otherwise qualify for admission. They must provide reasonable accommodations and equal access to facilities, programs, and benefits.

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