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Disability Action Center NW


There are many people with disabilities, especially those in power chairs, who either don’t fly or are scared to fly because there have been too many instances of their chairs getting damaged or losing parts. It would be like boarding a plane when you are fine, but losing your legs once you land.

In June Delta Airlines introduced the new prototype for an airline seat that converts into a secure docking point for mechanized wheelchairs. You would be able to remain in your own chair and still have access to tray tables, headrests and other airline features. The prototype is still undergoing testing and certification before being installed on planes. Since this space will be located in the front of the cabin, there are still questions of whether a person will have to pay first class fare for themselves or for a personal assistant.

There are a lot of complications in this, for instance accommodating reclining wheelchairs or will a wheelchair withstand a crash, that we are still looking 3 years out. To help drive the wheelchair accommodations, you should reach out to your elected federal officials, and share why this issue is important to you and why it should be important to them. Visit AARP advocacy sites to learn about your rights and how to work with government entities to drive change.