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Disability Action Center NW

Peer Advocacy Counseling

Peer Advocacy Counseling

Taking new risks and becoming as independent as you choose to be can be hard. You need information and support and you want it from someone who’s been there!

You are faced with numerous challenges in finding adequate housing to meet your disability needs. Homes may require the installation of a ramp or grab bars to increase accessibility. Our staff has access to resources to conduct home modifications for qualified individuals.

It is our intent to help you learn:

If you are struggling with disability related issues and problems, DAC can offer support. You can choose one-on-one peer counseling or, for some issues, mentoring in a comfortable group setting. Increase your interpersonal skills and DAC can help provide guidance while you retain control and responsibility for the process.

Three locations to serve you.  Make an appointment today!

Here is how to file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights, if you feel your education needs aren’t being met.