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Potential employee denied work because of disability

By Staff reports

The Missouri Department of Labor’s Missouri Commission on Human Rights (MCHR) announced that Laclede Cab Company in St. Louis has been ordered to pay $85,000 in damages for not hiring a taxi driver because of his disability.

The Complainant applied for a job with the taxi company but was sent away after disclosing that he had previously had a stroke. Even though the Complainant had been driving taxi cabs for several years after his stroke, the employer told him that it did not think its insurance company would cover him.

The case was heard by the state’s Administrative Hearing Commission and the decision and order was approved by a panel of three commissioners with the MCHR.

Assistant Attorney General Vanessa Howard Ellis represented MCHR at the hearing. This case only went to hearing after MCHR attempted to reach a voluntary settlement with the company.

MCHR ordered the company to pay $50,000 in actual damages and $35,000 for violating the Complainant’s civil rights. MCHR also ordered the company to cease and desist from practicing this unlawful discrimination.