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Preparing the Workplace for Everyone

Preparing the Workplace for Everyone:
Accounting for the Needs of People with Disabilities

A Framework of Emergency Preparedness Guidelines
for Federal Agencies

Interagency Coordinating Council on Emergency Preparedness
and Individuals with Disabilities
Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

Preparing the Workplace for Everyone is meant to serve as a launching point for federal agencies as they re-evaluate and strengthen their Occupant Emergency Plans (OEPs). This framework of guidelines reflects the effective practices of nearly 20 federal agencies gathered from direct input, existing reports and articles, and actual emergency plans. Topics are explored in light of four phases of emergency preparedness plans:development, implementation, practice, and maintenance.

As is the nature of emergency preparedness, this framework is an evolving document. It is anticipated that updates will periodically be issued to reflect significant enhancements in the field.

Complete Guidelines included HERE