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Disability Action Center NW

Pullman’s Koppel Farm receives grant for accessible pathway

Koppel Farm Pullman Community Garden received a $13,900 grant from the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation for building an accessible pathway from the parking lot to the new accessible garden plot.

The rant will help support people with disabilities who want to be able to garden and grow their own food alongside their neighbors in the community garden. Previously, it was difficult for

This grant was one of the 67 grants totaling $1,305,579 awarded. The grants support nonprofit organizations that empower individuals living with paralysis. Since the grants inception, more than 3,400 grants totaling more than $34 million have been awarded.

Koppel Farm has partnered with the city of Pullman, Disability Action Center NW and WSU School of Design and Construction to provide van accessible parking, an accessible portable restroom, a paved garden plot and loading zone, and now a paved pathway to access the plot easily with a wheelchair.