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‘R-Word’ PSA Receives YouTube Award


April 17, 2012Text Size  A  A

A public service announcement featuring “Glee” star Jane Lynch decrying use of the word “retard” is being honored for its fearless take on the issue.
The ad in support of the “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign is one of four winners of the YouTube-backed DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards in the “Fearless Video” category, besting over 1,000 entrants for the title.
Dubbed “Not Acceptable,” the PSA includes Lynch alongside her “Glee” co-star Lauren Potter, who has Down syndrome. The two liken use of the r-word to other derogatory terms like “nigger” and “fag.”
“The r-word is the same as every minority slur. Treat it that way and don’t use it,” says Lynch in the PSA, which debuted last spring with spots on network and cable television.
In naming the PSA as one of the top fearless videos of 2011, one of the award sponsors — The Case Foundation — said the ad shows that “sometimes taking big risks and experimenting in filmmaking can lead to big wins.”
The honor comes with a $2,500 prize.