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Disability Action Center NW

Seeking Self-Advocates!

Idaho’s Center on Disabilities and Human Development (CDHD) is creating a self-advocacy webpage which will be linked to the CDHD home page. This website will be for Idahoans with disabilities, and by Idahoans with disabilities. There will be articles, resources, stories, weekly blogs, and more!

CDHD is looking for adults in Idaho who have disabilities (we call them “self-advocates”) to tell us what should be on the webpage. Self-advocates on the committee will choose blogs, give suggestions, and make decisions about online content. People who want to be on the committee should contact us to tell us why they would like to join and give us their contact information (name, phone number and email address). We will send applications to people who tell us they would like to join the committee.

Meetings will be on ZOOM at times that work for the self-advocates. If needed, we can have small group or one-on-one sessions for people who cannot go to the full meetings. It’s important that we hear ideas from as many people as we can. If someone wants to be on the committee and has communication differences, please reach out! We can also help people fill out the application. Just ask!

If you know anyone who could help us with our webpage, reach out to Jessilyn Matthias at 208-885-1196 or by email at . We are excited to meet self-advocates who want to join our new Self-Advocacy Website Committee!