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Disability Action Center NW

Medical Equipment Exchange

Medical Equipment Exchange

Find It or Pass It On!

Through DAC’s Durable Medical Exchange, a program that has been in existence for 11 years, people with temporary or permanent disabilities can secure durable medical equipment free of charge. DAC helps people find manual wheel chairs, power chairs/scooters, bath benches/seats, commodes, lift recliners, tablets or laptop computers, and smart phones/iPods, ramps, support bars, transfer boards, canes, crutches, and walkers. More than 800 pieces of durable medical equipment have been given to people who otherwise could not afford them.  That’s a savings to the community of over $125,000!

To see what DAC and others in Idaho have for sale, loan, or gift click here.


Disability Action Center NW welcomes donations of equipment in clean, working condition and do not need repair of any kind. We only accept items Wednesday – Friday 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in our Moscow Office. Large items such as hospital beds will not be accepted, but can be referred out to other organizations. Non durable medical goods such as diapers, housewares, diabetic supplies or any liquids can be donated to your local food bank. DAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For details contact  Program Facilitator James Pickard at 208-883-0523.

We currently have enough standard walkers and walking canes.