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Social Security Accused Of Employment Discrimination


August 31, 2010Text Size A A

Workers with disabilities are pursuing a class action suit alleging that they are being discriminated against by the unlikeliest of employers: the Social Security Administration.

About 2,000 employees with disabilities ranging from deafness to paralysis and intellectual disability are expected to be part of the class that’s suing. This group includes employees who say they were passed over for promotions since August 2005 despite being on a government “best qualified” list.

In one case, an employee who is deaf and has worked for Social Security for more than 20 years says he’s never been promoted despite making the “best qualified” list many times and applying for several advancement opportunities.

The lawsuit was originally approved for class action status by an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission administrative law judge in 2008, but Social Security appealed. This month, however, the EEOC again said plaintiffs should be allowed to establish a class and the suit is now expected to go to trial, reports The Baltimore Sun. To read more click here.