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Social Security Disability Benefits Recipients Should Get Advice From Lawyers Not Laypeople, Says Social Security Disability Attorney Larry Disparti

TAMPA, Fla., Jan. 24, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ — Lawyers – not laypeople – are the best representatives for persons who are making claims to get Social Security disability benefits, saysSocial Security disability attorney Larry Disparti, whose office has been representing people with disabilities for more than 30 years in Florida and across the United States.
“Several years ago, Congress began allowing non-lawyers to represent people in Social Security disability claims. But that hasn’t worked out well as some ‘Social Security advocates’ have been caught lying about health reports and wound up defrauding the government and getting their clients in trouble,” said Disparti, whose law firm specializes in Social Security disabilities law.
People who file Social Security disability claims should use an attorney because lawyers are held to a higher ethical standard than non-practitioners,” he said. “We could lose our license to practice law if we give illegal advice or make untruthful claims. So you know attorneys have your best interests in mind.”
It makes financial sense to hire an attorney because social security limits the amount of money attorneys or advocates can be paid on a case to the lesser of $6,000 or 25%.
“Since it costs the same, you are better off working with a person who has the most experience possible to represent you, as well as an attorney who can fight on your behalf all the way through federal court,” said Disparti.
People should consider these questions when they ask, “How can I hire an attorney in a Social Security disability case?
  1. Do you specialize in Social Security disability cases? If not, they might not know the latest laws or procedures, which could harm your case.
  2. How many cases have you done? You want to hire someone with experience.
  3. How much of your firm is devoted to Social Security disability cases? It can be helpful for an attorney to review matters with other attorneys on staff.
  4. How many years have you done this? You don’t want to hire a novice.
  5. What percentage of your cases have you won? You want to work with a winner.
  6. Is this a major part of your firm? Or is it an add-on service? You want to find real experts who know everything about this area of law and have other attorneys they can rely on for difficult questions.
  7. Who will handle your case – a new attorney, or one with years of experience? You want to work with someone who has many years of experience who can provide the best service.
Disparti pointed out four other reasons lawyers are better than advocates in Social Security Disability insurance cases. 
  1. Lawyers can appeal a final decision to a U.S. Federal Court. Advocates cannot appear in federal court.
  2. Attorneys are bound to an ethical standard so you know that your case will be handled properly.
  3. Lawyers could lose their licenses to practice law if they make mistakes.
  4. Judges who decide cases feel more comfortable dealing with attorneys because they follow the same rules of evidence and legal procedures.
People with disabilities need ethical, legal representation,” he said. “That kind of honest representation is guaranteed with a licensed attorney with years of experience.”
More people than ever are looking to hire attorneys to represent them in Social Security disability claims because high unemployment and an aging workforce have led to many more people filing claims.
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