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Disability Action Center NW

The Program for Disability Benefits for Those Federal Workers Reported as Waste

The program for the disability benefits for those federal workers is said to be wasteful and abused. This is because it was said that a lot of healthy federal workers are feeding off of the benefits when they have no need too. A lot of them are leading healthy, happy lives and doing things – such as running marathons that you wouldn’t do if you had an actual disability. They are traveling the world, scuba diving, skiing in the snow, and buying boats while collecting over $100,000 annually in disability payments. A lot of the workers make more on disability payments then if they were to actually work at their jobs. A lot of people are also using the disability payments as retirement payments instead. Most of the recipients are 66 or older,, six of them are over 100 years of age which is well past the age of retirement.

A lot of times states have stronger anti fraud protections, but the federal’s laws are just hoping that the employees are telling the truth when it comes down to collecting these payments. Workers comp seem to be just the thing to go on for retirement or if you’re laid off and no one seems to check anything out due to the fact that it is through the federal. A lot of people are saying the a reform is needed in order to crack down on what is being changed through the system.