Center Researchers Provide Testimony on Home and Community-Based Services

PAS Center researchers Dr. Steve Kaye and Dr. Mitch LaPlante were invited to give testimony at a May 27 hearing of the Little Hoover Commission in Sacramento, CA.

The Commission, an independent California state oversight agency that investigates state government operations and recommends legislation, conducted the second of two hearings on long-term care in preparation for a report recommending improved strategies for providing home- and community-based services in California. The Commission was particularly interested in PAS Center research on expenditures on and cost-effectiveness of non-institutional long-term care services. Dr. LaPlante presented an overview of Center research on the subject and on the legal right of individuals to obtain long-term care services in non-institutional settings. Dr. Kaye presented an update and reanalysis of his 2009 Health Affairs article, co-authored by Dr. LaPlante and Dr. Charlene Harrington, titled, “Do Noninstitutional Long-Term Care Services Reduce Medicaid Spending?”

The following resources are available.

Link to the hearing agenda:

Copies of the written testimonies:
Steve Kaye and Mitch LaPlante

Link to the 2009 Health Affairs article on the Little Hoover Commission website:

Video coverage of the hearing from the California Channel: