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VR/VA Employment Team Summer Work Experience Program

The VR/VA Employment Team is beginning to recruit people interested in being a temporary job coach for the Summer Work Experience Program. It is 3-5 week employment opportunity (depending on the clients need) from July 5th – August 5th. The position pays between $8.50-9.50 per hour DOE

If you’re not familiar with the SWEP program, Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ICBVI) contracts with Community Partnerships of Idaho to provide job coaching support to the students participating.

The program is for visually impaired and blind students from throughout Idaho ages 16 to 21 years. The purpose of this program is to give them some work exposure and training. ICBVI will be providing some training on blindness to our staff in June. The VR/VA Employment Team will provide job coach training.

After the training period, job coaches can expect to work 30-40 hours for two full weeks some will work for up to a month. The job coach would be assigned to one student. The Job Coaches will meet their SWEP student at Boise State University at 7:30a assist their client in learning the bus route to their job. The job sites are already set up and our role is to help the client learn their work duties and be able to work independently on the job. Daily logs will be taken. After 2 weeks of job coaching the clients then will work for another 2 weekson their own in some cases we will be on site with the student for the entire month. A formal written report is required and due by August 6th.

If you’re interested in applying for this position, please contact me at your earliest convenience.


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