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What can YOU do to advance the employment of people with disabilities?

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Because myths and stereotypes about disability employment continue to create barriers to opportunities for qualified people with disabilities, the Campaign forDisability Employment launched “What can YOU do?” (WCYD) – an initiative to encourage everyone to elevate perceptions about what people with disabilities CAN do on the job and to emphasize the value and talent people with disabilities add to businesses and organizations. A key part of the WCYD initiative is the “I Can” public service announcement (PSA), a montage of seven people with disabilities – some apparent and some not – sharing what they CAN do on the job when given the opportunity. “I Can” reflects the diversity of skills people with disabilities offer, challenges common misconceptions about disability and employment and reminds everyone that at work, it’s what people CAN do that matters.

The CDE encourages everyone to share the “I Can” PSA and use it as a tool to start a conversation about the benefits of fostering a work environment that is flexible and open to the talents of all qualified individuals, including those with disabilities. Workplace and Youth “I Can” PSA Discussion Guides are available to facilitate such a conversation. Several versions of the “I Can” PSA are available for download here. The CDE invites YOU to share the PSA with others, feature it on your organization’s website, use it in workplace training, at events, in schools, etc. DVDs are available by request by

a photo of Patty in a wheelchair managing her grocery store

“I Can” PSA

Audio Introduced (3:00)

Open Captioned (:60)

Closed Captioned (:60)

Open Captioned (:30)

Spanish Audio Introduced (1:13)

Spanish Open Captioned (:30)

Spanish Closed Captioned (:30)

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* Nearly 50 million Americans have a disability. To learn about employment statistics and people with disabilities, click here.