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Why I Started a Blog!

The following is a blog post from Kristin Blevins. She uses journaling and blogs as a form of expression to cope in a difficult world. Follow her posts to find out how she stays upbeat being a mother, wife, and a person with a disability.

Every since I was a little girl; I loved to write. I always scored the highest on assignments that involved writing. I would even proof ready my friends papers throughout high school and college to earn extra cash. I can remember getting my first journal, when I was about seven years old. Long story short, my adoptive father passed away in March of 1997. To say the least, I didn’t handle it very well. I went mute for the rest of the school year, causing me to repeat first grade. However, when the school counselor gave me a composition notebook, the words just seemed to pour out of me. She told me to write down anything that came to mind. The rest is history. I can’t remember not writing down my thoughts after that. No matter what I am feeling; I write it down. Sometimes I keep them. For the most part, they end up in the trash.

So, why start a blog ?

I want to have 100% control of the content that was being put out. I wanted to put out as much, or as little as I wanted. I like the freedom that a blog has to offer, plus I am green. I hate wasting paper ! I go digital, as much as I can. Blogs allow me to include videos and pictures with my words. It pretty much has everything I love, in one platform. I tried to just post to Instagram, but everyone kept asking what the link was to my blog. Thus, my blog was born. Social media is so fast. You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention. It’s always on to the next fad or trend. It’s where everyone wants to share their opinion, but hates it when people disagree.

After my spinal cord injury, a lot of people kept asking questions about what happened. Their reply was always, “Wow, that would make a great book.” I was just learning how to cope with never walking again, being a college student, and a new mom. I was struggling just to make it through the day. Where in the world would I find time to write a book. I am not saying that I won’t ever write a one, just not right now.

With that being said, I have enjoyed getting to meet people over the years who have heard my story. There’s nothing better than having someone say, ” because of your story, I didn’t give up.” However, I wanted to start this blog to shed light on other parts of my life. I am NOT my paralysis. I am a person who just happens to have use a wheelchair for mobility. Even though, it has given me some amazing experiences. I was a person before this. My wheelchair didn’t change my wants, my goals, or my hobbies. Sure, there are things I no longer can do. I have had to find ways to adapt. I have come to terms with that a long time ago. Being a mother, I don’t have time to dwell. I have to pick up the pieces, just figure it out, and move on.

So, please! Feel free to reach out with any questions, whatsoever. I am pretty much an open book. I would love to hear what topics you guys would want to read about in future posts. I have a couple of ideas, but I am always open to suggestions.

Until next time,
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♡ Kristin Blevins ♡