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Workshop Helps Older Workers Deal with Age Issue

Press Release
Date: 1/11/2012
Information Contact 1: Sharon O’Toole : (208) 364-7781 ext 3728 :  

Information Contact 2: Bob Fick : (208) 332-3570 ext 3628 :
Workshop Helps Older Workers Deal with Age Issue
The Idaho Department of Labor’s Canyon County office has developed a workshop to help older workers deal with the issue of age during their job search.
“A recent survey conducted by our office found 50 percent of the respondents believe age is a primary reason they can’t find a job,” Department of Labor Workforce Consultant Sharon O’Toole said. “Some of the people in these classes had been working for the same company, sometimes in the same position, for years and have not looked for work recently. Now the whole process of applying for a job and presenting what they have to offer to an employer seems a bit daunting.”
The next workshop is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 18 at the Canyon County office, 4514 Thomas Jefferson St. in Caldwell. Additional sessions will be held Feb. 1, Feb. 15, March 7 and March 21.
The workshop emphasizes the fact that older employees bring to the job wisdom and judgment that comes with maturity and experience – something younger workers do not have.
Participants are urged to:
• Remain confident about their job search.
• Update their image in terms of clothing and hairstyle because it can have an impact on how they are perceived.
• Be open to changing the way they do things to accommodate the ever-changing workplace.
• Upgrade their skills if they feel technology has left them behind.
• Target their résumés to each job they apply for, highlighting past career accomplishments and how they can bring value to a prospective employer.
• Remember it is very likely they will be interviewed by – and if hired work for – someone much younger so understanding the differing views of other generations is important.
To register for the workshop, call the Canyon County Idaho Department of Labor office at 364-7781.