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This Baggy Opener keeps your storage bags open while you pour and store food. The hands-free operation makes pouring food easy and with less mess. Accommodates small and large plastic refrigerator or freezer bags with its adjustable arms. Easy to use; just unfold rack arms from its flat position and insert storage bag under the clips. Fill up your storage bag, remove from clips, seal up the bag and store away! Measures 8.75 H x 3.5 in. base. Rack arms measure 10 1/4 in. at full height and 7 in. at the smaller height (not counting base).

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The flat solid base stabilizes the bowl for soaking and the perforated side strainer keeps smaller food in, allowing water and debris to drain out. The angled side helps in draining the water easily with just a simple tip onto its side. Convenient for making rice recipes that call for soaking the rice before it is cooked. Whether using brown rice, jasmine rice, basmati, wild, white, short-grain rice, and other types of rice, thorough cleaning in the Rice Washer can significantly reduce toxins and chemical levels incurred during the growing process.

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