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Disability Action Center NW

Equus Participant Spotlight

Introducing Wesley!
Wesley was referred to us by the Disability Action Center, a program we collaborate with. Fresh out of rehab, he felt disoriented and unsure of where to start. Prior to entering rehab, his employer had assured him that they would preserve his position and had secured COVID relief funding for housing while he focused on his recovery. Unfortunately, upon his return, Wesley discovered that his job had not been saved, and the housing funding he anticipated was not secured. As a result, he found himself without a home, jobless, but determined to maintain his commitment to sobriety.

After initiating Wesley’s registration for our program, it became apparent that he lacked the necessary documentation for enrollment. His driver’s license had expired, he had no birth certificate, and his selective service record was under the incorrect name. Through numerous phone calls, emotional moments, and close collaboration with other programs, we successfully obtained the required documentation for Wesley! A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Salvation Army, Disability Action Center, Community Action Partnership, and Sojourners’ Alliance for their invaluable assistance!

Having joined our program, Wesley has demonstrated exceptional dedication and relied on the guidance provided, achieving significant progress in just one week. To stay occupied during periods without employment, Wesley has prioritized giving back to the very programs that supported him. Spot him at the Community Action Partnership Food Bank, where he volunteers his time to assist others.

A fascinating detail about Wesley: he’s an artist! With just a pen and meticulous dot work, he creates remarkable pieces. His dream involves launching a sobriety-themed t-shirt line!

Let’s extend a heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Wesley! He has secured a position at St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he will be thriving as a Dietary Aide and Prep Cook!

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