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Disability Action Center NW

Spreading Kindness

Winter is here and with that comes some difficult days. Often when we live in a small community, we get in a routine. We see our own life and our day to day activities, struggles and needs, but forget that we have neighbors. We will often forget that there are others out there just like us, experiencing similar feelings and needs. 

I have come to a point in my life where it has become very difficult not to see the struggles of others. This isn’t to say that I do not feel alone at times or that I do not get caught up in my own daily struggles and needs, I definitely am guilty of that. What I have been able to do though, is see where I can help another, where I can maybe make a difference in someone else’s life. Even more, I have been able to see where I fit in my community and how I can be heard.

My job here at Disability Action Center NW often gives me those opportunities but it also has shown me how to really take my life and fill it up with experiences, friends, and life. How can you impact another today? It may be opening a door for a shopper. It may be starting a support group or peer meeting. It may be going to the city council meeting and voicing your concerns and opinions to help your neighborhood. Maybe it will be as simple as asking for help with something you would never have before. Maybe find out what fun activities there are this weekend and make an appearance, make a new friend. We may all have some type of disability, but we all have amazing ABILITIES. Where will today take you?